28 April 2009

Spector Switches Sides In U.S. Senate; Gives Dems Potential Fillibuster Proof Majority

Arlen Spector, a long-time republican senator from Pennsylvania today switched political parties and now will caucus with the democrats.

The move by the mostly pro-gun political liberal gives the anti-gun liberal majority in the U.S. Senate the potential for a filibuster proof majority. Spector has voted against most gun control regs in the past, but has largely been a social liberal, often infuriating people within his own party. He was one of the few to support President Obama's economic stimulus package, which has done little to lift the U.S. economy.

While the firearms and self defense community likely will continue to receive Mr. Spector's vote, it may be harder to filibuster draconian legislation that would infringe on the basic human right to self defense should anti-gun lawmakers decide to push something like that through.

The move, says, The Politico newspaper, puts Obama "one step closer to unfettered power in Washington DC." Spector reportedly had been in secret negotiations with Senate democrats for months on a possible move.

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