23 January 2010

California School Board Expulsion Over Shotguns Overturned

Gary Tudesko will be finishing his junior year in high school. He had been duck hunting. He had left shotguns in his pickup truck parked on a public street on the other side side of tennis courts away from his high school.

The school principal got word that the firearms were in the automobile, brought it to the attention of the Willows Joint Union School District in California. Tudesko was expelled late in October last year. This week, the Tudesko family and the Willows community got their wish. The Glenn County Board of Education voted unanimously to overturn the school board's expulsion order after a coalition of firearms rights groups sued.

Though the principal of the school disagrees with the decision, but the community is relieved. The judge also ordered that the school district needs to expunge his record so that it does not reflect the incident.

IMHO, the principal is a wuss. Afraid of his own shadow. He fears for the safety of the community, the safety of the school kids and his own safety? He and the school board overstepped what authority they have . . . and he doesn't seem to care!

Idiocy. At least the system worked this time.

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