22 March 2009

Tragedy In California Will Be Exploited

Tragedy in Oakland, Calif. today as three police officers are dead and a fourth is fighting for his life in a traffic stop gone bad.

But I would bet any amount of money that the murderer did not use a machine gun,as is being reported in the legacy media. And I would also bet that we will see news releases from the Brady Campaign, Violence Policy Center and Legal Community Against Violence exploiting this tragedy -- and using the words "assault rifle" over and over, in order to instill fear, before day's end.

CNN has a clean story, but the Associated Press is using the phrase "assault rifle," mostly likely a result of either lazy reporting or a police spokesperson who doesn't know anything about rifles. I am going to pin it on AP, which is notorious for its inaccuracy on firearms related stories.

Of course, such an event is impossible in California, right? While the federal ban on competition rifles was allowed to expire as President Clinton and the democrat-controlled Congress that passed it back in 1984 had intended, machine guns and even competition rifles (so-called "assault weapons") are still pretty much illegal in California.

Which proves that gun control and all of the anti's PSH has done absolutely nothing to save the lives of these officers. Oh wait . . . pardon me, I am mistakenly trying to infuse logic and reason into this tragic event. And before someone suggests it, no, I am not trying to exploit this event. I am trying to fix what I am positive are inaccurate statements. A giant error of fact that I am convinced is included in these stories.
It is also likely that today's tragedy will be linked by some who a number of people in Congress and elsewhere have zeroed in on as playing fast and loose with the truth. There are a number of anti-gun folks who are attempting to link the drug war going on in Mexico to lawful American firearms ownership. The argument falls short on so many fronts it isn't funny. But that isn't stopping them. Watch the murder of these men in uniform be used as fodder to push forward an intellectually bankrupt political agenda.

My thoughts today are with the families of these officers and their brothers and sisters in uniform.

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