03 March 2009

Umbrella 'Coalition To Stop Gun Violence' Trots Out Latest Red Herring: 'Self Defense Is A Mirage'

Armed and Free has a great column and links to strong information about one of the spokespeople for the "Coalition To Stop Gun Violence" (it is an umbrella group with lots of little one- and two-person representatives in most of the states).

Mike Beard at CTSGV says the idea that a woman would buy a gun because of concerns about crime during a faltering economy, and because of (a very real -- my words) concern that the Obama administration will tighten access to firearms is . . . get this . . . "chilling."

What is chilling is that these people have the gall to suggest that everything is rosy, that all is pink ribbons, rainbows and unicorns, and that we need not worry about our safety, let alone go out and stimulate the economy by going out and purchasing the one item that can save a life.

Read it and pass it on.

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