14 August 2009

Gun Control Anniversary Shows Just Far Control Theory Has Fallen

?It’s been ten years, according to this Brady press release, since the Million Mom March popped onto the scene, spured by a mass shooting at a Jewish community center in 1999. That got me to thinking what some of the missteps the Brady organization had made, mostly under the leadership of former Maryland congressman Michael Barnes."

In the time since that news release was issued, things have gone from bad to worse. That is, it's gotten far worse for the proponents of gun control (later morphed to "gun safety" because no one would pay attention to their whacky policy proposals to license and/or disarm American moms, grandmas, dads, etc.). Since those days, far more states have concealed carry, and the U.S. Supreme Court, in the Heller opinion, has decided -- once and for all -- that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees the individual right to possess arms (this isn't limited to firearms, folks).

Rough sledding for the Bradys, the MMMs and the folks over at Violence Policy Center. None of their shrill whining has caught hold with the American public. To the contrary, Americans have embraced firearms for personal protection, sporting purposes, collecting and hunting.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I think Gun Control is going to get a healthy boost by these complete morons open carrying to presidential speeches, some wearing the Tree of Liberty slogan - what now stands for McVeigh-style government protests.

I'm not disputing their "right" to carry, it's just the dumbest most damaging thing that could happen to our cause of reasonable, rational discourse on the merits of having upstanding citizens CCW.

I am disgusted.

A., Esq.

Anonymous said...
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Bird of Paradise said...

All those liberal idiots claim if we could ban all guns then collect and destroy them we all would live in peace and harmony together WHAT ABUNCH OF STARY EYED STUPIDHEADS who have been so far out in the middle of downtown STUPID CITY they cant use their brains anymore