14 August 2009

Robbers 0, Harlem Store Owner 4

The 72-year-old store owner was viewed as an easy mark by some local hoods in Harlem, New York City.

When the dust settled, two of the would-be thieves/killers were dead, and two more were wounded.

It is events like this that make the scumbags think twice about pulling a gun or knife on a senior citizen. Mr. Augusto should be hailed for not backing down. If you show them once you are willing to be a victim, you will always be a victim.


Ran said...

The score may well become 4:1, if Bloomie has his way. Plaxicoe just got a couple of years for availing himself of 2A. If the store owner doesn't get life behind bars, I'll be amazed and truly thankful.

Ajlouny said...

People take it serious when it comes to their right to defend themselves by bearing arms. Most times, that is forgotten by the perpetrator.