21 September 2009

Seattle Mayor Ready To Toss Grenade Over His Shoulder As He Leaves The Room

Outgoing Seattle, Wash. Mayor Greg Nickels (the definition of "outgoing" here not one describing an extrovert) appears to be planning to try to make mischief before he leaves office.

In violation of the laws of the state of Washington, Nickels appears to be ready to push through a proposed rule that would ban legally-carried firearms in city Parks and Recreations Department facilities

Nickels, long an anti-self defense politician, lost a bid to be his party's nominee for re-election last month when he lost that race. Clearly, voters in Seattle had lost faith in him and increasingly were suspicious of his motives as he has pushed and pushed and pushed one anti-gun initiative after another. On Friday, the proposal to ban guns in parks was put forth.

If the proposal becomes law, Alan Gottleib of the Second Amendment Foundation says there will be lawsuits.

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