30 September 2009

Supreme Court Agrees To Review Chicago Case

UPDATED: Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2009, 4:39 pm -- Here is more detail on the incorporation case, which will hopefully determine whether the Second Amendment only applies to federal law, or to state and local law as well. The latter is where it should be. Currently, there is a split in opinions at the U.S. Court of Appeals level.

Meanwhile, here is updated coverage from CNN. Not a bad wrapup, actually, considering...
PLUS MORE from The National Law Journal's Legal Times.

Its going to get even more interesting!

CNN is reporting that the U.S. Supreme Court has just announced it will accept an appeal over the constitutionality of gun restrictions in Chicago, Ill.

Several organizations filed lawsuits against the city of Chicago, immediately following the Heller opinion by the High Court, over its ban of handguns. The city's argument, that the ban keeps the city safe, is so much hogwash. The largely discredited lie is an attempt to explain away the ban. Of course, this city, one of the most dangerous in the city because of violent crime, would do well to get in line with mainstream America. More of its peoples would likely be alive, but that doesn't fit the "control" playbook of Mayor Daley and his cronies.

More to come as this story unfolds.

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