05 February 2009

Don't ANY Of These People Pay Their Taxes?

Soooo . . .

Just so I have this right: The count is now up to four -- FOUR high-profile individuals who have been nominated to key posts in the Obama administration who are creating problems for the "transparent," "corruption free" new way of thinking in Washington DC. The most egregious being newly annointed Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner (who oversees the Internal Revenue Service) whose ignorance of federal tax law was branded as no big deal. The latest being Rep. Hilda Solis, secretary of labor designee, whose Senate confirmation hearing was abruptly cancelled today when word got out that her husband yesterday had quietly, and quickly paid off tax liens against his business -- some as old as 16 years.

Two appointees dropped out of the running, though one -- Tom Daschle -- tried to tough it out.

Remember, every one of these folks, and thousands more who want to work for the new administration, were asked if they owned a gun when they filled out job applications. Amazing -- especially considering that if such a question about someone's religion were asked, there would be outrage. That such a question would appear on a job application was appalling to many. A shock, to say the least, since it has nothing to do with most positions in the departments of labor, state, justice, agriculture, defense, and so on. In was designed to be intrusive and controversial.

Which brings us back to the current tax scofflaws that seem to be pervasive among the new administration. Apparently missing from the job application that received so much international attention and scorn . . . was a question about whether job applicants pay their taxes.

Once again this all begs the question, "do any of these people pay their taxes?"

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