14 February 2009

Today, Tens of Thousands of Americans Stimulated The Economy

Today I witnessed something our president has been hoping -- praying -- would happen. Ordinary Americans, working together in concert to stimulate the economy. Individually, and in groups large and small. To go out and buy things with confidence.

To spend their hard-earned dollars in a way that supports merchants, which helps prop up manufacturers and keep our economy humming as best it can in these hard times.

Even more? Today was Valentine's Day. A day when people came out to buy things for those they love. To purchase items they know will make a difference in their loved ones' lives -- perhaps even save a life.

In fact, what I witnessed today took place all across the United States. People by the tens of thousands came out and spent money. A lot of money, as they do every weekend somewhere in America.

Yes, today I -- and tens of thousands of women, men, grandmothers, asians, african-americans, caucasians, hispanics and pretty much people of every color and creed imaginable . . . spent the day at a gun show.

And working the NRA recruiting table at the C&E/ShowMasters gun show in Columbus, Ohio today, I saw people of every economic category imaginable (urbanites, suburbanites, 20-somethings, elderly, etc.) walking out of the show with their very own economic stimulus packages. Cases containing items of chrome, others blued, some fit in your hand and are concealable for self defense, others were long and suited for sporting competitions, hunting and self defense.

And again . . . it was Valentine's Day. Truly, nothing tells your special something you love better than a personal protection sidearm for their safety. Or some extra ammunition, particularly at a time when city police departments are cutting back on services because of budget constraints, leaving the bad guys thinking they will have a little more leeway when they go about their business.

President Obama, we listened. We did what you asked. The next time you give an interview, please thank gun owners for going out and doing everything they can to stimulate the cconomy. We do it every weekend in America. And when we're not at weekend gun shows, we stimulate the economy through the week at retailers.

Even better, the economic stimulation I witnessed today won't even bump up inflation. Which is what economists fear most. I mean, it's the right thing to do. And you can't disagree with that, Mr. President. Can you?

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