22 February 2009

Movement In 2A Cases in Chicago Post Heller

Chicago, that swamp-heap of questionable ethics that has spawned a pay-to-play ex-governor, a sitting U.S. Senator who appears to have perjured himself, a newly elected president who wants it all to just go away as fast as possible, and a mayor who speaks proudly of the vitality of his city but keeps his citizens unarmed, making them victims to some of the worst crime sprees in modern history, is making news on the Second Amendment front recently.

Lawsuits, post Heller, are moving their way through the courts -- much to the chagrin of of anti-gun advocates who have run out of ideas, none of which ever contained any intellectual capital.

These will be important to watch, for though states' rights is an important part of American culture and a foundation of our legislative and legal system, Chicago is attempting to buck the U.S. Bill of Rights. The District of Columbia tried the same thing and, after 35 years, that government entity finally was slapped down hard by the highest court in the United States.

Which is why several other Illinois cities scrapped their illegal gun bans, knowing what was likely coming via the courts.

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