21 December 2009

Excuse Me? Justice Ginsburg Suggests Supremes May Overrule Heller

This is coming third hand and sources closer to DC are tracking it down, but Justice Ginsburg appears to be of the mind that Heller will be overruled.

If what has been reported she indeed did say, however, she is mistaken in her timing.

She is alleged to have commented that sometimes a dissent can become the majority of a “future, wiser court.” I would agree. But that future, wiser court is the one seated TODAY. And it has taken the dissents of numerous lower court cases that never made their way to the high court, and ruled pretty wisely.

I am thinking that there will be those trying to nail this one down fairly quickly.

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Billll said...

Won't happen until Justice Ginsburg rises to Chief Justice.

Huey148 said...

She also said we need to look towards Europe when interpreting our own laws (NY Times 4/11/2009) while at a symposium at THE Ohio State University...just shows you how far out there she is..

Brent Greer said...

Huey, she is fringe, that is for SURE! A, I disagree that such thinking wouldn't invade Supreme opinions until she is Chief. Enough justices with similar thinking would tip the scales of justice away from protecting U.S. sovereignty, and that just isn't acceptable in my mind. Thanks for stopping by!