13 December 2009

Gun Jammed On Times Square Shooter

If guns aren't held properly, they will jam. They are designed to operate in a certain fashion and to be held a certain way.

So for years one of the things I have told people, even students in CCW classes, is that the stereotype on TV and movies of gang=bangers and the way they hold a semi-auto sideways is going to get someone killed. Because guns jam that way, but TV never portrays that reality. The medium just perpetuates the stereotype and some bizarre "coolness" factor in holding a handgun in that fashion.

So it is no surprise to most knowledgable sidearm owners that the Times Square, New York shooter's gun jammed because he held it sideways like a gang-banger. Just like the TV and movie types love to portray. News reports say that witnesses saw him holding the gun on its side. The firearm jammed, because he held it sideways, and he was killed by police who returned fire after he started firing on them.

Which means that bloggers are scratching their heads this morning wondering whether watching MTV actually DOES save lives. Okay, Glenn Reynolds came up with that doozy.

Of course, once again, instead of talking about crime and criminals, Mayor Mike is still talking about inanimate objects.

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