11 December 2009

NYC Mayor's One Trick Pony

UPDATED: Friday, December 11, 2009, 7:53 PM -- Not surprisingly the media coverage of the shooting -- largely because it happened in Times Square -- is getting ridiculous. General assignment reporters who don't crap from apple butter (I'm being nice, and the gothan urbanites probably don't know what apple butter is anyway) and don't want to learn anything, either, are flaming this story to sell papers. Oh, did I mention that their stories are riddled with errors of fact?


The same line uttered over and over again...."too many guns," says New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Of course, it couldn't be too many criminals, could it Mayor Mike? That the mayor's office you bought and paid for most recently with your personal fortune doesn't do enough to empower taxpayers and law abiding moms and dads to protect their own?

An exchange of gunfire in The City between a peddler and NYC's finest has the mayor rounding up the usual subjects. Only the usual subjects of his ire are inanimate objects. One-Trick Pony Bloomberg is how he should be addressed. Mr. Mayor, guns don't "just go off." To be used in a criminal enterprise they have to be used by human beings who wish harm upon others.

That's sick. But the mayor doesn't talk about the sickness. He talks about inanimate objects. In my opinion, Thats far sicker.

"The NRA: Creating or saving millions of gunowners since 1871." -- J.Cuddy

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