11 January 2011

Perceptions From Away

How fitting that while we are all processing -- and witnessing the spectacle -- of the aftermath of the Tuscon shootings, I am reading an autobiography of a famous Australian children's writer, Mem Fox. Interesting in that I just came across her perception of America this afternoon, written years ago.

And I quote:

". . . . I've traveled the subway in New York alone and often and without incident. I guess in a population of 250 million the proportion of violence per person nationwide is tiny. It's just that outside America we hear a lot about the crazies who murder on a whim or gun down half an elementary school class in a fit of depression. These are the news items that jaundice our views and horrify our sensibilities, distorting the American reality and making us

Yep. Distorted, to be sure. Guess when she wrote those words? 1990.

These incidents ARE rare. Few and far between. And now, horrible as it is, the incident is not being blamed on the very troubled young man taken into custody. It is being blamed on a former governor and a burgeoning movement of regular taxpayers who are tired of being ignored by the elite in Washington DC.

Sort of like the violent actions of some yob in distant Surrey being blamed on a speech given in Parliament. One has nothing to do with the other.

But here, our legacy media more and more each day live by a simple credo: Never let the facts stand in the way of a good story.

It's no wonder average Americans are upset. You would think the Left and the useful idiots in the legacy media don't have a clue what happened at the ballot box in November.

Or are they afraid, and now is the time to ratchet up the demonization? Nooooo . . . its not like they have been waiting for a tragedy to exploit.

Would they . . . ? Hmmm . . . .

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