18 January 2011

What The Hell Is Going On With News Reporting?

It is getting far worse.

Its always been bad from the left-leaning media (it was frustrating for me during my days to some degree, though one of the better points in my situation is that I worked for a business publication the last five years of my "working journalist" career).

Recently we had a mentally deranged man, from all accounts clearly trying to murder a congresswoman, and take out anyone around him who even remotely got in the way. The legacy media (there is a reason it is dying on the vine) blamed Sarah Palin -- who was several states away and, from latest accounts, can clearly NOT be seen pulling the trigger (though the man in custody IS seen on surveillance cams with his finger repeatedly PULLING the trigger).

Today, there is a shooting in California, and reports say people wearing black ninja costumes or something like that stormed the school and started shooting. Tonight, reports say a teenager brought a gun to school in a backpack, and somehow "it went off."

They don't typically just "go off," but I'll leave that discussion for another day.

Still, why the disparity, difference, polar opposite reporting? AGAIN?

Like I said, mainstream media is dying. And clearly (and I never thought I would be saying this), for good reason, and maybe it should be allowed to die. No bailouts, no "last chances," no government protection.

Let the market decide, as it should have done instead of bailing out car companies and certain banks.


Ran said...

Amen Brent!

1)Content, 2)content and um... (what's the third factor?)

Can't think of it.
whatever it is, the lamestream media had better find out, and fast.

Ran said...

Olbermann just counted down to Zero.

So, is schadenfreude a sin?

Brent Greer said...

Heh ... apparently Uber Olber did sin! Or it was the other sin being reported; coveting thy employer's bag of gold.