25 January 2008

Dem Party In Full Meltdown (For Now)

For no other reason than neither Barack nor Hillary like the private ownership of firearms, it is interesting seeing these two party standard-bearers at war with each other.

From Newsmax.


Anonymous said...

I realize dem/liberal bashing is in vogue for the pro-gun crowd.

I am pro-gun, but would take any of the front-running trio of democrats (Clinton/Edwards/Obama) over what we have now.

Brent, ignoring that he isn't running, and it would be unconstitutional, would you actually take George Bush for a third term over the above-named dems??

If so, is it just (or mostly) because of gun rights? I will never understand that single-issue mindset.

Brent Greer said...

Nope, not single issue, but it is a highly important issue. And you make a good point. But don't judge me by this one post...look back through and find that I am an equal opportunity basher of candidates/pols on both sides of the political aisle.

I am VERY disappointed in Bush, and could not vote for him for a third term for a couple of reasons. I do believe he and his policies have kept additional attacks from occurring on our soil, and I don't care what the rest of the world thinks of us. Our job is to look out for the safety of Americans.

Now, with that said, I don't like big hunks of the PATRIOT Act (that ought to trip some switch at NSA somewhere), I an incensed at the Department of Justice brief just filed regarding the Heller case, plus the growth of the federal government under George W. has been astronomical. And don't get me started on the newly announced economic stimulus package. I hate such giveaways, but wrote on it earlier with tongue firmly planted in cheek regarding MY plans to use such funds to stimulate the economy.

I would have voted for Bill Richardson were he nominated. Confused yet? I vote both parties -- the best candidate. And I'm not against a woman being president. I would have voted for Jeanne Kirkpatrick in a heartbeat had she run, and I am intrigued by Condi Rice, though I am disappointed that she has been marginalized by some of the stronger personalities in the administration.

Anyway, thanks for your note. With Fred and Bill out of the running, I don't know where I stand right now with regard to prez preference. Its incredibly frustrating, and yet as a long=time policy wonk, I am fascinated by this particular campaign in that every week something unexpected happens. Frankly, I believe it will only get more interesting.

I'll sum it up by telling you that last week I stopped by a neighborhood jeweler to visit a bit. He is as far left as I tend to be far right with our personal political philosophies. Yet we always have a great visit, whether talking about business or politics. He is convinced McCain will win. I am convinced Hillary will win. Obviously, neither is convinced of the strength of the message from the left over the right, or right over the left.

Which makes this entire discussion that much more interesting. Thanks for reading, and commenting. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by.