30 January 2008

Poe: Don't Blame Liberals For Gun Control

This is the biggest problem firearms owners in America face today. Elected office holders, in a political party that historically has supported the Second Amendment, turning around and supporting increasingly restrictive regulations -- all for political favor.

In FrontPage magazine, writer Richard Poe reminds us that we should not always blame liberals for gun control. I agree! And personally speaking, I don't blame the left solely for the inexplicable attacks on the rights of law abiding citizens who own firearms.

Giuliani, Romney and McCain -- and more -- republicans all, have all had a hand in gun control. Some worse than others.

In my region of the nation, we saw Bob Taft, Ohio governor and great-grandson of a president, disgraced and pleading guilty in court for shoddy record keeping when it came to campaign donations. Even at the end of his second four-year term, he attempted to reject common sense firearms legislation (HB347). The bill was a general law putting all gun regulations in the hands of state lawmakers, rather than local politicians who for decades exploited home rule powers and used gun control as a red herring to prove they were "doing something" about crime.

Taft vetoed the bill. The Ohio General Assembly voted, for the first time in his rein as governor, to overturn his veto. The measure became law.

As I have written before, it's hard enough to stand guard against the gun controller straight ahead, constantly on the attack. It's even more difficult to guard your flank against those who tell you they are your friend, and not to worry, but who quietly support such draconian measures and hit you when you let your guard down.

Always be on guard!

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Taylor said...

Here's an effective and easy way to do something about gun control.

You can "vote" on active gun control legislation, and have your vote sent direct to your reps.


Let's do it!