28 January 2008

"The Ultimate Jew" Discusses Gun Control

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership does a fantastic job of promoting the life-saving benefits of gun ownership.

But another well known jewish personality is making a strong stand, as well. Self-professed "Ultimate Jew," world famous comedian Jackie Mason, recorded a vlog (video blog) last year talking about gun control. If you look at no other vid today, check out Mr. Mason. His down-to-Earth approach is hard to argue with. He talks about firearms equalizing a conflict with violent criminals, the mystery of why politicans don't ban hammers and automobiles (these items kill people), and much more. Here's a brief excerpt:

"Gun control is a fake and a fraud and the people who fight for it are low lifes and liars. They don't care about your life, they don't care if you die. As long as they prove that they are interested in saving human life. They might be interestd in it. But they don't care if it happens or not." A brilliant online speech. Check it out.

Note: I take one exception to Mr. Mason's video essay. His statement that everyone needs to be licensed to have a gun. Strongly disagree. Those lists have led to confiscation, not just overseas, but in this nation in the past 20 years, as well. When antis claim that registration is reasonable, they have as a goal some five, 10 or 20 years later of using such lists to confiscate that which they irrationally fear.

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