09 January 2009

Anti-Gun Baltimore Mayor Indicted On Perjery, Theft, Misconduct Charges

Another of the anti-gun cabal -- mayoral rank -- has been indicted. This time it is Baltimore, Md. Mayor Sheila Dixon, who today was named in a 12-count indictment on charges of perjury, theft, and misconduct.

Once again, these rulers these city-states that seem to think they are above the rule of law, but have no problem prohibiting law abiding moms and dads from exercising their basic human right to self defense. Dixon is no stranger to the gun control issue. A member of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's self righteous group of mayors hell bent on infringing on lawful firearms ownership, she hosted a regional conference of the organization Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

(One more time -- will somebody please explain to me, logically, just what an illegal gun is? Is it like an illegal alien? It levitated and somehow crossed a border on its own without proper documentation? Anyone? Anyone?.....)

Read the story of the indictment by clicking here.

It always amazes me how someone can be so self righteous and creating new law that does nothing but penalize law abiding people, ignoring the pleas of moms, coeds and grandmoms who want and need a firearm to protect themselves (all laws passed for the greater good). Yet these same holier-than-thou individuls seem to think their post at the top of City Hall or a Statehouse is a green light to create their own personal playground, and that the taxpayers money is their personal party fund.

Detroit, Illinois, Baltimore . . . who is next?

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