20 January 2009

The Next Four Years

Today marks the beginning of what will likely be a long four years. The economy has its problems and should be Job One for the Obama team. Though the incoming American president has said he supports the Second Amendment, his other statements and support for anti-self defense, anti-gun laws strongly indicate otherwise.

Those who say they are Barack Obama's most stalwart supporters "hate" guns and despise firearms owners. I have been doing this too long to sit by and say "oh he won't do anything." Any thinking person who understands the political process, and has worked behind the scenes, knows what is coming. The only question is when and to what extent.

I, for one, hope 2A supporters in Congress go on the offensive. Don't play defense. Put forth bills that make sense, that enable and ensure that grandmothers, moms and dads can readily protect their kids, using a firearm if need be, without being forced to jump through a myriad of legal land mines designed to discourage firearms ownership, and make people "feel" safe. There is a mile of difference beween "feeling" safe and actually BEING safe.

Time will tell . . .

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