13 January 2009

In Nassau County, NY, Assistant DAs May Not Protect Themselves

If you are an assistant district attorney in Nassau County, N.Y., it appears you are not permitted to possess a handgun.

Note they are not saying you cannot bring your personal defense sidearm to work with you . . . no, they are suggesting you cannot own one. Oddly, the question is lumped in with other questions that look at poor judgment, bad habits, etc., such as whether the job applicant has ever used drugs, whether they have ever been convicted of a criminal offense, whether they have ever gambled illegally, and so on.

Odd inclusion, don't you think?

Not so odd when you look at the DA website there. They recently held a "gun buyback." Collected a few hundred firearms. Now, undertand that New York's laws, far different than mainstream America, hold that guns must be licensed. But guns ARE licensed there. In buybacks that take place anywhere, a fair number are legally owned. The owners, or inheritors of such, decide they want the cash or gift card instead, or don't want it because it was dad's or granddad's. Knowing this, I know that many of the guns turned in in Nassau County (not all but many) were legally owned.

And yet, the Nassau County district attorney's office, doing its best to . . well, let's call it "demonize" any kind of firearms ownership, referred to every single gun turned in as "illegal." Which begs the question I ask repeatedly . . . just exactly what is an "illegal" gun? Did these firearms levitate and cross the border from Vermont under dark of night?

Sigh . . .

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