29 October 2009

And Just Why Is This Surprising?


"Number of Women Buying Handguns Increasing"

Wow! Shocking news! NOT . . . at least not if you live in the Chicagoland area, or watch what is happening in Chicago, as politicians there who keep honest taxpayers disarmed while doing little about the gang-bangers running amok shooting people left and right.

Yes, women in the greater Chicago area are buying handguns in droves. Why, I don't need to mention. Self preservation. The basic human right of self defense. Tired of politicians telling them what to do, but nothing getting done. Worried that police can't get there on time.

Gee, people taking back control over their own lives. Hmmm . . . Mayor Daley won't like that!


Ran said...

This is great... One of the greatest unintended consequences of the Women's Lib movement is that women chose to become independent - as in, Libertarian - on certain issues. Too funny.

Hey Brent: My daughter told me she wants something special from us for her 18th birthday... complete with a case of ammo.

Now, that's "progress."

Brent Greer said...

Progress comes in many forms, doesn't it? Of course, this makes her "progressive" in the truest sense of the word, as opposed to being "A progressive." What she truly is is "enlightened." You are a lucky dad.