22 October 2009

No Horsing Around For This 70 Year Old; She Meant Business

An elderly woman visiting the American Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus this week -- the third largest convention in the United States -- shot an intruder who burst into her hotel room late Wednesday night.

According to news accounts, the woman, a great-grandmother from Ironton, Ohio, who has not been identified by police, pulled a gun when the attacker entered the room and demanded cash from the people gathered there. Everyone was ordered to the floor, and that put her in proximity to her personal defense sidearm. Police say no charges are expected (duh). And that the incident may go before a grand jury for review. No, in Franklin County ALL shootings (by good guys, bad guys or by police) go to the grand jury for review.

Quarter Horse Congress visitors are known for paying cash for just about everything. Whether this thug knew that ahead of time, we will probably never know. Family members say the police they met with have been "extremely supportive" of their mother. As well they should be. Armed citizens are a police officer's best friend. Younger LEOs don't always appreciate this, but veterans get it.

If you ask me, this woman should receive the "Self Defender Award of the Month" for her quick thinking and common sense actions. Her friends and family are lucky she was there, and that she was armed.


Huey148 said...

Somebody orders me onto the floor into the "execution" pose I am shooting too!

Anonymous said...

If they would have just given over their money this senseless shooting wouldn't have been...

Nah, just messing - go (Great) Granny!