07 October 2009

Chicago Gun Controllers Want To Know Why Obama Not Jumping On Control Bandwagon

Chicago . . . one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S., if not THE most dangerous.

Chicago . . . it never stood a chance to get an Olympic bid, much to the surprise of supporters in the Windy City and some media chatterboxes. It seems they were the only ones who didn't know Chicago never would be chosen, and would likely be dropped early. Because of the violence there?

Violence that the gun controllers continually say can be curbed if only there were restrictions on guns? Well let's see . . . there is no concealed carry allowable in the entire state of Illinois. Pretty restricted there. And handgun ownership is banned in Chicago and a number of suburbs. Hmmm . . . so if guns are pretty much verboten, then how pray-tell can there possibly be all these shootings?

Gun controllers in Illinois and Chicago are upset because there will be a meeting today on violence against children, the latest being a child who was beaten with splintered railroad ties. Captured and replayed again and again on YouTube, the incident has further tarnished Chicago's already dangerous reputation. They want to know why Obama isn't doing more to ban handguns . . . whoops I meant restrict guns (they already are banned, right?).

An interesting read. Take a look and pass it on.

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