12 October 2009

Mayor Bloomberg And His Objection To Individual Property Rights

. . . can best be illustrated by his continual attack on gun shows in the United States.

The video is everywhere so I won't waste space here with more images. But my thinking is if he is serious . . . and I am giving him the benefit of the doubt here, he had best start going after car shows, also. For there is no law that requires you to have a background check -- or even get a driver's license -- to get behind the wheel of a Ford, GM, Honda or the potential killing machine that is the green-conscious Toyata Prius . . . a veritable death trap if the wrong hands.

It doesn't matter your intent for the vehicle, under Michael Bloomberg's utopian plan for America, you will ask permission to buy pretty much everything that might be able to hurt someone, or yourself. Has he started regulating 5-gallon buckets of drywall mud yet at New York City hardware stores, let alone at home improvement big-box retailers across the nation? Of course not. Those dangerous items, along with box-cutters, ballpoint pens and butter knives (all classified as "edged weapons") aren't sexy. Better put, he goes after firearms because he can make more political hay that way.

Recently, he sent hired "investigators" to gun shows in Tennessee, Ohio and other states. And in each -- gasp -- he found people selling items in private transactions, just like lawn mowers, used cars, and chipped New York Giants coffee mugs. Selling a personal firearm, in a private transaction between two people, is not a loophole. It was an exception especially carved out to protect respect for personal property rights.

If selling a used mayoral limosine at a car pawn shop in the Bronx in a private transaction without background checks is legal, then so is selling grandad's single shot rifle, or an elderly widow selling her departed husband's favorite handgun.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns suffers from a number of problems. First, its name is a misnomer. Think about it. Secondly, mayors across the nation are dropping out of this draconian "organization" because its true goals are being exposed. MAIG is not about enforcing laws, it is about ultimately denying law abiding moms, grandmothers and dads from quickly and easily acquiring that which is protected by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The more important question about his latest "investigation" is, will he or the organizers who hired the so-called "investigators" be prosecuted for the laws THEY broke in order to create this heavily-edited "report"? The latest news this morning has some suggesting that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) will start its own investigation. That might be interesting.

In my opinion, some of these private sellers are downright stupid in the remarks they made. Maybe, like the defense of the ACORN employee who, on tape, said she killed her husband (she didn't; she says she was playing with the couple who asked her the questions), one of the idiots on tape who said he couldn't pass a background check either was likely screwing around and having fun with the so-called "investigator." I don't know.

But keep this in mind. I have no idea if the individual sellers are guilty of a crime, as Bloomberg alleges. But if they are, then the buyer with the camera would have to be a prohibited person under the law and will need prosecuted. If the buyer is not an actual prohibited person and it was legal for them to obtain the guns, then the seller has done nothing wrong. The good mayor of New York City, or one of his lackeys, is the one that needs to go to jail. Since he has no jurisdiction in these other states and he is financing these operations, he may well be guilty of conspiracy to deny someone of their civil rights (the Justice Department goes after those scofflaws).

Frankly, many doubt the BATFE would do a real investigation as it would most likely end at the mayor's office.

In the United States, citizens stand up for their rights. Subjects acquiece. That's what drives Bloomberg and his cronies nuts. The fact that more and more Americans are recognizing Bloomberg's self-funded "organization" is a smokescreen for gun control. Which, according to the latest polls, logically continues to wane in importance to Americans.

Why? Because they worry about crime. They worry about terrorism. They worry about their individual rights. And giving in on the issue of firearms freedom, most Americans are realizing as they become more enlightened, puts them at risk on each and every one of these fronts.

Oh, by the way. The city of Sharonville, in SW Ohio is none too happy with the Mayor's hijinks. Here is the story.

As my good friend David Codrea writes, "This should make any fair-thinking person wonder if Bloomberg is truly serious about stopping "illegal gun sales," or if his primary motivation is to generate self-serving publicity. After all, we're talking about a creature so desperate for power -- and control over the lives of all who fall within reach of his clutches -- that he won't give it up in spite of the law. Instead, he'll change the law, and the expressed will of the people be damned.

Does all this make you think Bloomberg is merely eccentric? Or dangerous?


Harry Schell said...

Mikey is a dangerous elitist who thinks he is a lot smarter than he is, but is mostly immune to taking in any information that he may be mistaken.

He does love power for the sake of it, as evidenced by the faux reasoning to allow him to bypass the NYC mayoral term limits. So he is running for a third term and spending a huge amount of his own money to keep his job and the profile it brings to him.

I will admit, he likely has few other job opportunities, much less anything of the stature (?) of NYC mayor.

Ran said...

Bloomie is not "worried" about crime. He is, rather, a power-hungry hoplophobe.

Posted this at my site. Nice find, Brent. Thanks!