29 October 2009

Tennessee AG Says Landlords Can Ban Guns

Wow. I didn't think landlords, particularly in residential settings, want the liability associated with providing a safe environment for their tenants. Or, in truth, the lawsuits that will surely come when someone renting a property is killed because they were denied the means to defend themselves. But apparently the state attorney general of Tennessee thinks otherwise.

One state lawmaker asks a brilliant question:

"Shipley said the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution would apply to someone living in an apartment to prevent law enforcement officers from entering
without a search warrant. If the Fourth Amendment applies, why doesn't the
Second Amendment apply? he said. "Can a landlord say you give up free speech,
under the First Amendment, in the apartment? I think not."

Well stated.

Here in Ohio, a coalition of groups worked together awhile back to push through reform that prevents landlords from such bigotry. You already can't discriminate based on sex, race and for many other reasons in most states. So why is it okay to discriminate against a law abiding firearm owner?

I don't think people in Tennessee are going to stand for this one.

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