21 January 2008

Congressional Opponent Says Kucinich Is AWOL; Kucinich Sics Federal Protective Service On Opponent

Ohio's congressional "Boy Wonder" has been AWOL from his duties for some time now as he criss-crosses the nation in a faltering campaign for president. While he has some high-profile Hollywood supporters, his campaign is barely registering a blip on the national radar.

His bigger problem is at home. He faces four opponents in the March 4 primary election. Recently, one opponent -- Cleveland City Councilman Joe Cimperman -- stopped by the congressman's office to ask his whereabouts. The response from Kucinich and staff was simple -- sic the Federal Protective Service on the visitor and his camera-toting aide.

By ignoring his duties, legitimate questions are being asked and his constituents are not happy with his lack of focus on work upon their behalf. Which might explain why Mr. Kucinich is such an outright bigot when it comes to self defense and the individual right to own firearms.

Mayhaps this is the perfect example of government arrogance personified. A politician who somehow, very deeply, understands that the people ultimately will tire of the shenanigans of the elected elite. He is likely troubled over just how far the electorate might go if a politician's intense desire to stay in office while he is waging a "president of peace" campaign and ignoring his constituents, collides with their right and strong expectation to be represented by a full-time member of Congress.

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