20 November 2008

Connecting The Dots

I have often talked and written about how much I hate the "black helicopter" crap. A conspiracy theory behind every tree.

Recently one commenter noted that all this talk of Obama and firearms is so much paranoia. I don't write things in this blog to "get eyeballs." I write it to educate readers out there who want to understand the issues facing supporters of the Second Amendment in the United States. I have been doing this far too long to look and say, "oh there is nothing to this."

So with that said, it is old news now that President-Elect Obama's pick for U.S. attorney general is the guy who carried the water for the Clinton-Reno administration and the Brady campaign.

Eric Holder.

Lots of baggage with this guy. In lockstep with the Bradys, and smack dab in the middle of a questionable pardon in the waning days of the Clinton administration.

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Frankly, I think it is one more reason to be very wary of this administration. While it does not want a repeat of 1994, when the GOP took control of Congress due solely to the passage of the ban on certain competition rifles (both Al Gore and Bill Clinton said so), I have no doubt that the benefactors of the Obama win and certain alliances will want to push through as much gun control as possible. But it will come in small, "reasonable" bites.

Look for gun shows to be attacked first on the grounds of the so-called "loophole." Holder is the man who said gun shows are for terrorists. Dancing in the blood of whose who died in the 0/11 attack on the U.S., holder immediately said that the attacks on this nation demonstrated a need to enact more stringent gun regs -- starting with gun shows.

Sadly, those who wrongfully attack gun shows mistakenly believe that all kinds of guns used by criminals to commit crimes are coming from these places. They are not and federal crime stats ovewhelmingly prove this.

BTW, Sebastian at Snowflakes In Hell has a solid wrap up on why gun shows will be attacked. Its a First Amendment thing, you know. Read his observations here.

And as I have written in these pages before, if they want to go after used guns sold by so-called "non-licensed dealers," then they had also better be going after used cars sold by "unlicensed dealers." Because as everyone knows, cars kill.

Once more, this is not paranoia. It is connecting the dots. And following the money. It is child's play.

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