10 November 2008

Illinois CCW Referendums Pass By 10-4

"Most voters in 10 Illinois counties said on Election Day that they think the state should pass a law permitting citizens to carry concealed weapons, but voters in another four counties rejected the idea.

Those mixed results reflected the outcomes in central Illinois, where Woodford County voters supported the advisory referendum and voters in McDonough and LaSalle counties gave it the thumbs-down.

The referendum question surfaced after Winnebago County Board members decided to put it on their ballot and then asked all other Illinois county boards to do the same thing. The referendum failed in Winnebago and Kendall counties in the north. The other counties where it passed were Saline, Ogle, Union, Jefferson, Jasper, Greene, Franklin, Effingham and Crawford."

Fascinating reading. Not that the Illinois governor nor his Chicago crony, Mayor Daley, care at all what constituents think. No, their world is about power and control, not enabling the electorate the basic human right of self defense. Details can be found at The Daily Journal.

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