25 November 2008

Serial Rapist, Coffee Shop Robberies Spurring Uptick In Handgun Purchases, Training

Here in Central Ohio we have a serial rapist on the loose. He is targeting women in their 20s, and seems to just pop into these women's homes. I don't know whether they are leaving doors ajar or what, but he is a crafty SOB.

The police have surveillance photos of him wearing a ball cap, and sporting a rather flashy watchy, taken from ATM machines where he is using bank cards stolen from his victims.

And women by the droves, instead of cowering and complaining that the police aren't doing anything, are stepping up. Handgun sales are up, but moreover, CCW, marksmanship and safety classes at pretty much all of the firearms training centers are full for the next few months.

Empowered women. Women who believe in choice . . . the choice to defend themselves and to choose their own means of doing so.

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