25 November 2008

What Would You Do If . . . ?

Laurel, the Idaho-based intrepid author of the Politics, Guns & Beer blog, asked what I think is a rather mundane question: Would you ever own a gun?

One of the readers asked a more intriguing (well not in my book but for many apparently it was novel) question:

"I have an honest question for those that are opposed to any kind of guns except for hunting.
Say a bad guy breaks into your home with the intent to harm you or your children. What is your plan to protect them?"

The responses were varied, but tended to fall into a couple of categories:

That will never happen to me, or, I'll wait on help.

Read her entire post. It is enlightening, but not that unusual that so many sheep believe the meadow is perfectly safe, or have decided they will wait for a sheepdog rather than help themselves.

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