04 November 2008

Election Day

Have you voted yet? Didn't do any early voting?

Get out there, go to the appropriate polling place, and make your voice heard!


Anonymous said...

Brent, I hope you will call on your readers to support our new president despite your disappointment.

If Obama grabs for guns we should shout from the rooftops, but until then we must unite behind him in the face of the enormous challenges facing our country.

McCain was eloquent and gracious in defeat. I hope that tone will last...

Brent Greer said...

We definitely need to support the new president. No argument there, as long as he is making policy decisions that we agree with. If we don't . . . If I don't, I will be shouting it to the rooftops.

A friend of mine recently wrote on her MySpace page that she cannot understand how, since the election has done so much to unite the nation, people can be so hateful toward President-elect Obama. I had to remind her that the nation remains very divided. Consider, alone, the number of House and Senate races that are too close to call and yet to be decided. Consider that most of the people, not all but most, who voted for Sen. Obama cannot point to a single achievement this man has accomplished, other than to give a good speech. THAT is what disappoints so many people. Frustrates them to no end. That is no excuse for the off-color comments made in public. The divide in this nation goes back two administrations, to the election of one William Jefferson Clinton.

But with that said, we will give President Elect Obama the time he needs. But with the way the Brady Campaign is talking, there are many who feel Sen. Obama owes them and their causes, considering the money they helped him raise. How he acts based on the demands of those to whom he is beholding will say much about his character.

As always, thanks for writing.