13 November 2008

Red Herrings

Thinking Americans know that we are seeing a repeat of the time when Bill Clinton took office as president of the United States. People were worried that the incoming administration might make mischief regarding firearms laws.

And they were right. During the runup to the election then, and in the one to two years after, Bill Clinton singularly armed America. His rhetoric about the evils of inanimate objects did much to push Joe and Sally Suburbanite to arm themselves. Before their ability to purchase the very tools that would help them exercise that most basic human right -- self defense -- was made illegal with the stroke of a pen. Many restrictions were passed, few were enforced. And generally, crime was unaffected by all the happy talk about restricting access to firearms.

Fast forward to the election of 2008. Americans once again, looking at President-elect Barack Obama's record on firearms, and his statements, are putting firearms and ammunition away for the future. Like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama has a record on this issue. And people are listening, and reading. And making an informed decision.

But some sociology prof out in Texas, sitting high atop an ivory tower and apparently terrified of the wide ownership of firearms in that most self reliant of states, has cooked up some ridiculous story that the uptick in firearms sales across the U.S. is due to -- get this -- a coming race war.

Too bad he's a sociology professor and not a professor of history. All he has to do is look back to the 1990s and learn about what I described above.

Of course, he also didn't factor in the appointment of John Podesta as Obama's transition chief. Remember that name? He led the gun control initiatives in the White House when he worked for Bill Clinton.

Anyway, take a look at the story, and draw your own conclusions.

Personally, the guy in Texas, IMHO, is a fearmonger. He's trying to inflame emotions far more than the National Rifle Association ever might be accused of.

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Tony said...

I had an email exchange with Mr. Agger. He says he had a twenty minute interview with the reporter but only his few comments were posted and they were taken out of context. I pointed out that many gun control laws were to keep blacks from owning firearms. He didn't seem to care about facts much. My opinion is that he was seeking his 15 minutes of fame and then didn't like it much when he received it. He said his inbox has been filled with vituperative emails. He also said he wasn't speaking for the University of Texas, but the reporter made sure we knew he was a professor from there.

Tony Heaton