11 May 2009

C-Store Operator Say 'No More'

Across the nation, convenience store operators increasingly are targets for robbery. In those areas where firearm ownership is restricted, regulated or licensed, C-store owners are placed at a disadvantage by politicians trolling for votes and campaign cash from people who recoil at the idea of self defense.

In Central Ohio, C-store operators are saying "enough" as they toil in one of the nation's most dangerous occupations.

""Clerks are fighting back," said Sgt. Rich Weiner, a Columbus Police Division spokesman. "They're out there trying to earn the honest dollar. They're not putting up with it." Sgt. Shaun Laird of the robbery squad said 3,500 to 4,000 robberies occur in Columbus each year. Through April 30, 1,114 had been reported, of which 57 -- about 5 percent -- have been labeled as occurring at a convenience store. That number might be flawed, though, because an officer could list a store as a location even if the robbery didn't involve the business."

What is kind of ironic is that in this story police say they do not advise convenience store clerks how to act or react in a robbery. And yet, we are well aware that police will tell private individuals who wonder what to do if they are mugged to comply with the scumbag, not to fight back, not to provoke.

A double standard?

Nevertheless, this is a good story. Read the entire piece by clicking here.


grocerant said...

C-stores are getting a bad rap! There are stores like WAWA and Sheetz that sell great food. Have good staff and even better service. They are filled with customers and SAFE. I think that Sheetz and WAWA are more like a Grocerant than a C-store. They sell ready to eat and ready to heat high quality food. They reflect the next way of success in the C-store niche. Read more at www. Grocerants.blogspot.com

Brent Greer said...

C-stores are no more dangerous than any other retail outlet. Any dangerous thing can happen anywhere. Sheetz stores get held up just like Bob's Carryout. It is to make themselves safe, and their customers safe, that C-store operators are fighting back instead of sitting back and letting themselves be victims. That was what this story was about. Thanks for the comment.