20 May 2009

Carry In National Parks To Be Restored -- AGAIN

Congressional anti-self defense shills and the foundation reps who line the pockets of many of these same anti gun national lawmakers are crying foul because an important administrative order-- a perfectly reasonable order they don't like -- from the Bush administration stands to be restored.

Last year, in an administrative order from the National Parks Service, the antiquated prohibition against the carry of concealed firearms by law abiding people in national parks was lifted. When Barack Obama assumed tghe presidency, that order was rescinded.

Despite protestations by leaders on the left, the amendment passed overwhelmingly in the Senate. The House has also voted in favor of the amendment. The mood is shifting across the United States about the lawful ownership of firearms. The American public is tired of Congress, and the sitting president, talking about guns they don't like, and how they plan to either register or ban them. Citizens in this nation are tired of the double talk from the political left about the Second Amendment.

Guess what? Lawmakers sense it and they are worried about losing their seats. Plus, the many pro-gun lawmakers from the democrat party who were elected to Congress in the past 18 months -- giving democrats control of both house of Congress -- are sticking to their beliefs and refusing to be bullied by the far left leadership of the party that hates guns. Plus the amendment is also being supported by "finger-in-the-wind" politicians who realize the American public is not about to give up their firearms, witnessed by the shortage of both guns and ammunition at stores across the nation.

Maybe those western lawmakers get it . . something I have been saying all along. Hate is a sickness. And those who say they hate guns? They need to get help.

Anyway, the credit card measure, which pretty much everyone in Congress wants to pass, and has broad support from consumer groups (it does not forgive debt, it merely restricts the practices of credit card companies to arbitrarily raise interest rates for no reason, among other things), is expected to be signed into law by President Obama. But the bill itself, in what it does regarding credit card companies, has its critics over how the federal government continues to intrude into what should be states rights.
I predict it will include the national park carry amendment. Score another positive move for the safety of all Americans.
Of course, the enlightened and broad-minded national media is having a collective hissy-fit. The very idea that law abiding Americans would want the right to defend themselves against violent attack in remote areas where no help is nearby!!! The nerve of we people!!!
The media: So broad-minded are they . . . NOT!

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