25 May 2009

Thank You Dad

Dad, thank you. My thanks to you and all your fellow veterans for the sacrifice of your youth, and your lives, in the defense of my birthplace and home, the United States of America.

Dad, you were one of the Greatest Generation who put it all behind you.
You didn't want to talk about it, and I didn't make you (though you would give me just enough to shut me up when I was a curious kid). You enlisted, saw horrors no one should have to witness, and with your medical kit patched together boys who had been blown apart. You served your time with distinction, were honored for bravery under fire, though you didn't think it any big deal, then as you were likely headed toward the inevitable invasion of the Japanese homeland, the war was over, and you went home to the family farm in southeast Ohio.

We lost you 15 years ago after a long, full life. You did not live to see the birth of your first grandchild, but you knew she was on the way. You witnessed much in your life, but did not live to see the brutal attacks of 9/11, nor the events that have occurred after. What would you think? Would you believe, as I do, that the way to defend this nation is to take on our enemies oversease? To keep the fight over there? I think so.
Dad, thank you for your service. I think of you every day, but today I salute your memory and your service. Most of all I thank you for your sacrifice . . . and for making me who I am today.

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