22 May 2009

Obama Signs Credit Card, Parks Carry Bill Into Law

The addition of the amendment to the bill — and Obama's acceptance of it — was viewed as a bitter disappointment for gun-control advocates. They watched gun-rights supporters gain a victory from a Democratic-controlled Congress and a democratic president that they couldn't achieve under a Republican Congress and
president. Many blamed the National Rifle Association, which pushed hard for the
gun law.

That paragraph is the only reference to language in landmark credit card reform legislation regarding allowing -- once again -- the legal carry of concealed firearms in national parks by law-abiding Americans.

The NRA should hardly be blamed, but should be given kudos. Up until now, only criminals were carrying guns in our national parks. Now families have a fighting chance for survival if attacked. Plus, the bad guys will likely think twice now before going after mom and the kids, for mom may well be packing and a believer in the basic human right of self defense.

Interestingly, though guns will never be permitted to be carried by Americans -- law abiding or not -- into the White House, the building is, technically, a national park. Therefore, technically, it falls under the new provision in the law. The Secret Service says that will not happen.

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