28 May 2009

A Hero, My Friend, Rests

He served 21 years in the U.S. military, enlisting when he was 16 in the Air Force (and being given an honorable discharge nine months later when they realized he was too young), and enlisting in the Army when he was 17. He rose to the rank of major, and served two tours in Vietnam. He volunteered for a third tour there, but was directed to attend the U.S. military's language institute in Monterey, Calif. There he became a fluent speaker of Arabic. He was a brilliant tactician and later, businessman.

Most importantly, he was my friend.

As of today, he lies at rest in Arlington National Cemetery. You earned it, Bob. I am honored to have witnessed a ceremony honoring a true Patriot. Always know that you are missed. Most importantly, thank you for your Service.

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