31 December 2007

After Insulting Iowa Caucus System, Ohio Guv Stumps There For HIllary

UPDATE: 9:16 am -- Mr. Strickland's viewpoint on the Iowa caucus system is getting him lots of press today. CNN has a big story on his controversial remarks, and the Drudge Report has linked to the piece with a photo of Hillary Clinton "appearing" to give the Ohio governor a piece of her mind.

Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland -- a thus-far pro-gun governor, despite his choice of a rabidly anti-gun lieutentant governor -- insulted Iowans last week in an interview by saying the presidential caucus system there makes "no sense." He then showed up this weekend in the Hawkeye State unannounced, to campaign for her. His remarks caused some folks in Camp Clinton to try to put a little distance between Ohio's chief executive and their candidate.

What is the fallout? Strickland might be blowing his chance for the VP slot on a Clinton ticket. Which for Ohioans, as Martha Stewart is fond of saying, is a good thing.

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