31 December 2007

Intriguing Study From UK Shows Boys Should Be Allowed To Play With Toy Guns

Interesting new study results from Britain, published in the Daily Mail, and the expected response:

"Playing with toy weapons helps the development of young boys, according to new Government advice to nurseries and playgroups. Staff have been told they must resist their "natural instinct" to stop boys using pretend weapons such as guns or light sabres in games with other toddlers. Fantasy play involving weapons and superheroes allows healthy and safe risk-taking and can also make learning more appealing, says the guidance.

"It conflicts with years of "political correctness" in nurseries and playgroups which has led to the banning of toy guns, action hero games and children pretending to fire "guns" using their fingers or Lego bricks. But teachers' leaders insisted last night that guns "symbolise aggression" and said many nurseries and playgroups would ignore the change."

Let's see . . . if you are a private individual and you ignore some government mandate you can be charged with child endangerment and newspapers write about how you are brainwashing your kids. But if you are a school system and you don't like the study, you just ignore it in favor of the politically correct. Not surprising from a country that files charges against private citizens for exercising their right to self defense against violent criminals.

h/t to Glenn Reynolds

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