30 December 2007

NY Times Online Staffers Ignorant Of U.S. History

This from Glenn Reynolds. The New York Times, in reviewing Jonah Goldberg's new book, "Liberal Fascism," has some staffers who don't know their history. Goldberg writes of the National Recovery Administration, a federal agency that Franklin Roosevelt created during the Depression to spur industrial production through centralized planning. The agency was declared unconstitutional by the courts in 1935.

But, incredibly, the online wiz kids at the Times linked the initials N.R.A. in the book review to . . . you guessed it -- the National Rifle Association.

Apprently the Times isn't interested in accuracy (a suspicion of many for years). Now some 24 hours after Reynolds first shamed the Times on his Instapundit blog, which is widely read around the world, the Times review still incorrectly links to a list of National Rifle Association news stories.

A freudian slip? Perhaps the editors of the Gray Lady would like the courts to declare the National Rifle Association unconstitutional? We can only speculate . . .

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