29 December 2007

Brit Actor Lawrie Calls Shooting "Terrific Fun"

Incredibly funny British actor Hugh Laurie, who stars as a somewhat reclusive, obnoxious, pill-popping, brilliant diagnostician in the Fox TV medical drama "House," was a guest with Jay Leno the other night. The show was a rerun, of course, due to the writer's strike. I had not seen it before but a conversation with the Tonight Show host was instructive.

Jay asked the actor whether his family had had much chance to visit with him while he films his show in the States. Laurie noted that his two teenage sons, close to 18 years of age, had spent a month in the U.S. this summer with him and that they had done some traveling. Most notable, Laurie said some of the best times they had had here was going to "pistol ranges."

"You can't go to place like that back home," he told Leno. The show host asked how he and his boys liked shooting. Lawrie's response -- "It's terrific fun!"

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