18 December 2007

Surprisingly Balanced Piece on Hunting in NY Times

I am finally finding some time to attack the pile on my reading table. I came across this piece from back in early November in the New York Times. It is about hunting in Maine, a place near and dear to me. Surprisingly, it was fairly balanced and really took a good look at the culture there and the economic impact hunting provides hamlets across the Pine Tree State.

I decided to post this simply because it is a good piece overall. Many of the comments on the online version from the Times, however, are a hoot. Some are well thought out. Others are the usual, to be expected, anti-gun rhetoric or anti-hunting/pro-vegan position from some. The anti-hunting, anti-gun comments are a look into the minds of those who wish solely to control the thoughts and actions of others. You'll get the idea . . .

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