28 December 2007

Can You Say Hypocrite?

New York's Mayor Mike never fails to amaze. First he finances this national organization of mayors who say they are targeting illegal guns (they aren't -- they are targeting firearms ownership), then runs sting operations that the BATFE says were illegal, and later sues out-of-state firearms shops for conducting commerce with which he doesn't agree.

NOW HE HAS THE GALL to complain about "meritless securities lawsuits and settlements?"

His objection is that certain lawsuits are driving up the apparent and actual cost of business — and driving away potential investors. He adds that securities litigation reform — including a possible limit on punitive damages — is a "critically important" near term priority. And guess who is joining him in this push? Chuck Schumer, senator from New York.

Well they are the poster boys for frivilous lawsuits. But isn't it odd that frivilous lawsuits are bad . . . unless it is something Mike and Chuck don't like -- such as firearms. Then the lawsuits are good? The New York Sun newspaper isn't amused by their efforts on the securities lawsuit front.

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