28 December 2007

Hello Kitty Makers Plan Men's Line; Someone Already Beat Them To It

The Japanese makers of the Hello Kitty line of clothing and jewelry for girls and young women have come up with a plan to use the character in a line of retail items targeted to men.

If they want to jump start their program, they need to take an accessory lesson here.

"While she doesn’t necessarily destroy civilization with bullets and bombs, she does do it with a overwhelming blanket of cuteness that may be much more psychologically damaging to the world."

Of course men might think its a bit too over the top. There is also this clothing line from which they can take inspiration. Says one person in a comment found on another site, "What's next? My Little Carbine?" The twisted humor part of me would vote YES.

NOTE: Before you go out to buy one for the wife or to put away in the safe for your daughter, the "accessory" I pointed to above is from a parody site. Still . . .

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