23 December 2007

Daddy's Hunting Rifle Is Next On 'Their' Ban List

Did you know that your dad's bolt-action rifle(which may now may reside in your safe) is currently referred to by the grabbers as "an intermediate sniper rifle?" Really! It's not new, but average gun owners are only now waking up to what pro-safety advocates have been yelling about for years -- that the anti-gun people are not going to stop at scary-looking competition rifles or handguns.

For a long time now, Oleg Volk has put together great images with messages that are right-on. He has hit another home run with the image and message here. I hope you will take a moment to look at his site.

We have been talking about this for more than a year now, and finally more people are listening. I had a conversation with some golks at a gun show in Central Ohio about three months ago and they had never heard the term "intermediate sniper rifle" mentioned. That would probably be because they are not anti-gun politicians, or do not subscribe to anti-gun websites. I believe it is better to know thine enemy. Anyway, I received an email from one young lady from the gun show a few weeks ago thanking me for pointing out the word play that is being used against lawful firearms ownership. More recently, one of the guys at Ohioans for Concealed Carry wrote a good piece on the subject, tied in with bizarre accusations by a New York anti-hunting group that the Omaha mall shooter used hunting skills to pick out targets. The group blames the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission for the mall tragedy.

There seems to be no end to how far these people will go to try and connect dots that have nothing in common with each other. One person is responsible for the tragedy that day in Omaha -- the shooter. Not gun owners, not guns, but the murderer.

A word of advice for the New Year . . . keep your powder close (and dry) and keep your daddy's hunting rifle even closer.

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