08 June 2009

Business Women In Florida's Palm Beach Area Arming Themselves

Know the old line about why people carry guns? Because cops are too heavy?

A number of business owners -- female business owners -- in West Palm Beach, Fla. and surrounding areas are fed up with living in fear and have come to realize that it is their own responsibility to protect themselves. Since the police cannot be everywhere (nor should we expect them to be ina free society).

So, the local ranges are seeing a significant up-tick in the number of women coming in to shoot and take firearms safety and CCW classes.

Some business women who work in an area hit hard with crime are arming themselves and taking matters into their own hands. Lake Worth business owner
Mayra Ramirez has been practicing at the Palm Beach Shooting Range in Lake Worth for months.

"I was always against guns but from watching the news and seeing so many things happen, I figured it was time to get one," Ramirez said. Ramirez is arming herself because she's fed up with the crime around her business. A week ago a man was shot just steps away from her storefront.

Ramirez's gun of choice is a 38 special. It's called the pink lady and by the looks of the bullet hole in the target, you can see she's on the mark.

"Don't mess with females," she said.

Sound advice. I try not to piss them off, too! Read the full story at the WPTV NBC television website.

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