04 June 2009

Tennessee Lawmakers, Speaking For The People, Override Governor's Veto of 'Guns In Restaurants' Bill

"Today’s override by the Tennessee Legislature of Gov. Phil Bredesen’s veto of a bill allowing law-abiding citizens to carry firearms into restaurants and bars that serve alcohol will help dispel the myth that armed citizens cannot be trusted in such environments."

So says the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA). They continue:

“We are in agreement with Senator Doug Jackson,” he continued, “who correctly told reporters that this bill has been falsely portrayed as creating a threat to public safety and that is nonsense. We believe that, given time, the public will realize that all of the inflammatory rhetoric was nothing more than a campaign of manufactured hysteria.”

This is a great step for Tennessee. Similar bills are pending in a handful of other states, including Ohio.

Read a news release from CCRKBA here, and media coverage of this positive move for citizen safety in Tennessee's restaurants by clicking here.

Hopefully, more states will follow this incredibly reasonable step forward, so a "Luby's Cafe," and Suzanna Graia Hupp's story, need never happen again.

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Ran said...

Speaking of guns in restaurants... perhaps the good Governor was afraid of scenes such as this one:

So this koala bear saunters into a fancy restaurant late one evening. Perusing the menu, he points to the various fancy salads and smiles, indicating that he'll have one of each. After the sumptuous meal his waiter brings him the check... whereupon the koala whips out a Colt 1911 and points it at the waiter.

The poor waiter ducks just as shots BAM! BAM! BAM! zing over his head. Cowering on the floor he hears the brass clinking onto the floor right in front of him. Then a big THUMP! on the table above, and the koala calmly turns about and makes for the door.

People and the waiter, shaken, rose slowly and examined the scene: There the koala had left a small encyclopoedia, turned to the page on "Koalas." Highlighted was the description:

Koala: Nocturnal feeder. Voracious appetite. Eats shoots and leaves."