21 June 2009

Lee Fisher's Gun Show

Ohio Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher is running for U.S. Senate.

And up until a day or two ago, there was a video being posted around the internet entitled "Lee Fisher's Gun Show." Now before everyone (like me) pipes up and says, "Gun show? The Anti-Gun Fisher is doing something with a gun show?"

Nope, the video, which has been taken down over supposed copyright infringement (frankly, I think its because Fisher and his supporters are horrified at how bad it comes across), shows a topless senator-wannabe talking about this and that.

Most of the comments have been how hairy he is, or wondering just what the hell is it they witnessed. Sadly, you can't see it now. As I noted before, it's been taken down.

For grins, do a search on Dogpile or Google or YouTube land plug in the words "Lee Fisher Gun Show." Yu will be amazed just how many places it HAD been posted before the vid was removed.

Still unsure why it is called the "gun show?" Its older bodybuilding jargon. . .

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